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My name is Sara Bates. I sleep in Wollongong.

Computer science is my hobby, my profession and my passion. I’m a lucky user and developer of a free software system. I get pleasure from this freedom for quite ten years, and because of antelope / UNIX.

This is my weblog. In it, I record news, ideas and occurrences that I favour to share. (I even have a private web site, somewhat obsolete.) Writing is, at an equivalent time, a form of medical aid (self-administered), a hobby and pleasure. I’m not an excellent author (I don’t even contemplate myself an honest writer). However, I have discovered that swing some ideas in writing helps to shine them, whereas one is feat a definite observe and up technique. And even the book might serve someone else.

I will not say far more regarding myself (it’s a quite uncomfortable situation). I’ll let the content of this weblog describe ME. I thanks before for your visit, the time spent reading my articles and also the comments you offer ME.

I hope one thing here is going to be helpful.